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Poor Credit
Image by ~ l i t t l e F I R E ~
William Drennan – poet of the Society of United Irish Men. Also credited with the 1st innculation against smallpox

Istanbul Kids
Poor Credit
Image by Vincent_AF
View On Black

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OccupyMN – Day 20
Poor Credit
Image by Fibonacci Blue
OccupyMN – Day 20

October 26, 2011 around 1pm

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is the 20th day of the occupation of Minneapolis as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement that has spread to other cities around the United States and other countries. Protesters have maintained a 24×7 presence near the Hennepin County Government Building downtown. The county provided an open air tent to sleep under, but they do not allow the protesters to create any other form of shelter.

Today protesters went across the street to the headquarters of US Bancorp, otherwise known as US Bank. Along with issues such as opposing government funded bank bailouts, the protesters spoke out against bank mortgage lending and foreclosure practices. There’s also a national movement to encourage people to close their corporate bank accounts and move their money to local banks or credit unions by November 5. Another protest is planned then.

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