Poor Credit Home Loans – Some Valuable Facts!

www.realcase.com Lenders assign you a credit score any time you apply for credit. This is there way of them determining whether you are a likely candidate to give credit to, or not. The credit score is a 3 digit number, typically in the range of 300 to 850. At the low end 300 means you have very bad credit and would be unlikely to receive a loan, and on the other end of the scale a credit score of 850 would have the lender salivating at the opportunity to loan you a heap of money.
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Free report at: www.CSBCards.com – (*24hr Recorded Message (775) 473-9014*) CREDIT REPAIR: info from the credit secrets bible Rebuild Credit: Insider Credit Repair Techniques to Improve Credit Score Fast! What’s the fastest way to raise your credit score? To quote the classic magazine salesman from the movie Office Space “That all depends”… While the removal of negative items from your credit report will almost always result in an increase in your credit score, there is a method that works better. Here’s why. Adding positive accounts is actually more effective at improving your credit score (in the short term) than removing negative one. Unfortunately, few consumers or credit repair companies know this. One of the biggest problems with trying to get approved for new credit is that you need to “have” credit in order to be approved. This causes a sort of catch 22. How does one “get” credit if no one will give them credit because they don’t have any credit to begin with? A vicious cycle indeed, but a real one. However, if you have someone you can use a cosigner this is NOT a problem. Simply have them cosign on the new credit application for you. If you don’t have a cosigner, read on. Contrary to popular belief (or what myfico and credit repair companies would like you to believe), the largest factor in building a solid foundation for your credit score comes down to two credit scoring factors: 1.) The “High Credit Limit” and 2.) Your “Debt to Credit” Ratio Your high credit
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