The Cost of Iain Duncan Smith

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The Cost of Iain Duncan Smith
Poor Credit
Image by Byzantine_K
Iain Duncan Smith is a ‘luxury’ none of us can afford – especially those most at the receiving end of his cuts, reforms and downright bullying: the unemployed, the sick and disabled and, the working poor – all of who make up a substantial and growing portion of the population.

His bungled Universal credit scheme is set to cost TEN TIMES the original estimate, and the chaos that has reigned over the introduction of this stupid scheme will add £1.25 Billion through delays and sheer incompetence. £115 Million has been lost in I.T. costs alone.

Meanwhile, the poorest are being punished with welfare and support cuts under the fraudulent excuse that "we cannot afford it" (don’t be fooled by tabloid pro-government propaganda; such support was never generous in the first place), and through phony sanctions for mostly falsified infringements of the DWP’s rules. For example, some claimants have had money reduced or taken away all together for being too ill to attend an appointment with a Jobcentre advisor (this includes actual long-term sick and disabled!) and people who had to postone an appointment to attend a job interview (yes, really!). People have been sanctioned for failing to attend an appointment that they had never even been informed of.

All of this under the leadership of a sociopathic millionaire and incompetent failure who in most other careers would have been sacked long ago.

Poor Credit
Image by Dustlake
Summer is long gone. This is taken at a summer cottage in Dalarna, Sweden a place where clothes and towels use to hang for drying in the summer. The poor clothes pegs are freezing.

If you want to use this picture for non commercial use you can do that, just let me know if you do and please put a photo credit with my name close to the image.

Poor Credit
Image by pennstatenews
Poor spent time traveling about Pennsylvania in order to capture the animal husbandry and agriculture segments for the mural. This sketch of draft horses is part of his studies. He was particularly interested in getting the horses right, because he didn’t want people to forget what draft horses looked like long after they were no longer used in farming.

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