Bad Credit Credit Cards

Bad credit credit cards and prepaid debit cards, may be useful for People with bad credit or less than perfect credit. With a bad credit credit card you get the convenience of not having to carry cash or stranding in line to cash your paycheck if you obtain a debit card that comes with a bank account that allows direct credit. A secured credit card is usually easy to qualify for and may be reported to credit reporting agencies.

Bad credit credit cards
economic sign: Many Americans can’t afford everyday purchases, so they’re turning to bad credit credit cards. bkavoussi (Bonnie Kavoussi)

Question by Jeff: You always see bad credit credit cards, but what about if you have AWESOME credit?
We are constantly seeing credit cards and loans directed at people with no or bad credit. What about cards for people with an 800+ credit score? What cards are most attractive for people with good credit and why arn’t they advertised?

I know there is more money (for companies) for people with bad credit since they usually don’t pay on-time thus they have bad credit and credit companies can charge fee’s and interest. And poor people are a $ 7 Trillion dollar industry.

But what about the rich? Or People with FANTASTIC Credit?

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Bad Credit Credit Cards?

Give your answer to this question below!Question by Ultimate Guitar Hero!: What credit card companies give you credit cards with bad credit?
I have really bad credit. I need some advice on where I can go to get a credit card for FREE! Everyone wants $ 100+ dollars to open a card. And, every card offer I can get is a load as you go. Basically I borrow my own money! Please Help and Thank you!!!

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Try Total Visa, Imagine Credit Card, Orchard Bank, Premier Credit card

What do you think? Answer below!Question by Jennifer W: Is it safe to try bad credit credit cards?
I am trying to get my credit back on track and I would like to know if it is safe to do so with credit cards for people with bad credit?

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By Sacahmo

Have you considered a secured card instead?
Or could you get a parent to co-sign on a card with you?
If you do this, make sure you pay in full each month.
Absolutely no games of carrying balances.

Bad credit credit cards

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