Stop wasting your time and money by cashing your check at the bank!

Stop wasting your time and money by cashing your check at the bank!

Are you tired of rushing to the bank after work on Friday afternoons to try to cash your paycheck, just to find that the bank is closed by the time you get there? You are not alone!! Not only is it inconvenient to run to the bank, you also have to wait in line and PAY A FEE to get your own money from cashing your check!!

There is a much simpler and much more convenient way to get your paycheck. Using direct deposit to your

prepaid credit card is the most simple, and the fastest way to have access to your money. Not only is your money in your account before you would have normally been able to receive your paycheck, but you don’t have to go to the bank to cash it!

You can check the status of your direct deposit by using online banking with your AccountNow prepaid credit card. This is the easiest way to get your paycheck, especially if you don’t work on payday!

You can use your AccountNow card at any ATM to access your cash, most of which are free for you. It is much cheaper than paying the bank to cash your check for you, and you don’t have to wait in that line! Don’t risk not getting to the bank on time Friday evening, just have your paycheck direct deposited to your card, check that your funds are available on your computer or mobile phone, and DON’T PAY THE BANK TO CASH YOUR OWN CHECKS!!! 

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