Identity theft prevention by Credit Freeze |

The credit bureaus are keeping quiet about the best identity theft prevention option, the Credit Freeze. They apparently dont want you to know about the credit freeze (aka Security Freeze) because once your credit is frozen they can not sell your personal credit information to numerous marketers. We want you to know about this little known secret and ask that you share it with your friends and family; the most effective personal option for identity theft prevention is the credit freeze, period. A credit freeze is a more effective method of identity theft prevention than a fraud alert (what Lifelock and others sell) because with a fraud alert, creditors still have access to your credit file and often ignore the alert and grant credit anyway! So both methods are aimed at stopping identity thieves from obtaining new credit lines in your name but the credit freeze is a much more potent protection for consumers concerned with identity theft prevention. Because the credit freeze is only obtainable directly from the credit bureaus (and they dont want you to know about it) there is very low public awareness about this identity theft prevention option. It is easy to learn how you can freeze and unfreeze your credit at the three major credit bureaus through the use of a credit freeze. We show you how, step by step in this video. Please visit, for more information about a security credit freeze and identity theft prevention. Identity theft affects fifteen