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Is there a difference between the credit report a creditor sees and your full report on file with the 3 CRAs?

Question by G-M-B-A: Is there a difference between the credit report a creditor sees and your full report on file with the 3 CRAs?
Correct me if I’m wrong but when you “pay for deletion” you are paying for any record of the debt to be 100% removed from the report that a potential creditor would see (like when you buy a car or credit card) .

–BUT the debt is never actually deleted from the credit report that you and the CRA have access to.

So, there are actually 2 forms of credit report: one that potential creditors see, and one which only you and the CRA see.

Is this correct??

I am asking because in previous answers to my “pay for deletion” questions, alot of people are saying that debts are never 100% deleted from credit reports.
So that makes me wonder what the phrase “pay for deletion” means exactly?

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Answer by echo
When you request pay for delete, you are requesting full deletion. That means the tradeline will be deleted to where even “you” cannot see it. But, the CRA’s will still hold onto the information.
Yes in a way there would be 2 forms of credit report. One with all of the regular information on it that you and a creditor would see and another that “only” the CRA’s see……..unless…..hold on, I’m gonna confuse you some more lol…..

The only time that old or deleted items may possibly be seen is if a full factual report is pulled. You cannot pull a full factual and the general creditor or collection agency cannot pull a full factual. Generally it is only a mortgage company that can pull a full factual. And, (as far as I know) it is not done often.

If you apply for a mortgage that is 150k or more, then a full factual “may” be pulled.

Way back when it was rare for the average person to apply for a 150k mortgage, when a person “did” apply for that high of a mortgage the mortgage company had probably pulled a full factual report.

Now 150k mortgages are common and full factuals are not pulled as much as they had been.

Full factuals can contain information that is old and outdated and past the reporting SOL and may also contain newer information that had been removed for some reason before the reporting SOL had expired.

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