16 May, 2011

Q&A: How do you dispute something on your credit report?

Question by operaphantom2003: How do you dispute something on your credit report?
There are a few items which have been reaged by a collections agency and they cannot do that. The SOL has passed and they should be removed from my credit report. Also, when you view your credit report where is the “date of last activity”? All I see is the open date and last reported date. The last reported date can’t possibly be the date to go by because then the companies can stay on your credit report forever. I have never had problems about stuff dropping off before but Capital One refuses to drop off and the three different collection agencies (for one card mind you) keep reporting a new date opened. This is ridiculous. How can I get them off? It has been 8 years now and they are still on there.

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Answer by Glennroid
Anything you dispute has to be in writing. Call the credit bureau or go to their website to get instructions. You’ll need to write a letter with copies of all of the pertinent info. Generally they’ll review it and make a decision within 30 days. Good luck!

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