Getting the Right Loan

There have been may times in my life when I have needed to get cash. The big ones of course were when I bought my house and my car. I went to a bank and I got a loan. I compared interest rates and chose the lowest rates I could get. Those loans were relatively easy and at the time of those purchases my FICO score was relatively high. I went through a divorce and my credit score hasn’t recovered yet. I have had several occasions where I needed to get cash but my check book was empty and my credit card was at the limit. I went searching for places to get cash with bad credit.

So what do you do when you need cash and can’t get cash? There is a huge industry know as second chance lenders. They have cash to loan and can put the money you need in your checking account. The interest rates on a second chance loan will be higher then a bank loan. When situations arise where you need to get cash that may or may not be a deciding factor. Most people don’t mind paying a larger percentage interest rate when they need to get cash, so long as the application is easy and the funding is overnight. I have complied a list of lenders that may loan you cash when you need to it. Find unsecured lenders, a few bucks until payday, to low rate home and auto loans. Most folks don’t realize you can get cash from your home or car! Refinancing a car or home is easy and if you have sufficient equity you may be able to get cash out of the loan.