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How to get off ChexSystems

Why pay a service to send a letter to get removed from ChexSystems?

Free step by step instructions to find out if you can get your name removed from the ChexSystems list.

The first step is to contact ChexSystems and obtain a copy of your ChexSystems report.

Request a copy of your report in by writing directly to ChexSystems at the following address:

ChexSystems Customer Service
12005 Ford Road, Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75234-7253
Fax: (972) 241-4772
Local (972) 280-8585

ChexSystems toll free phone numbers

(800) 428-9623 or (800) 513-7125

Online visit  to order a copy of your ChexSystems report.

This will allow you to find out what caused you to be placed on the ChexSystems. This will also give you a Consumer ID number.

Follow the instructions on the official ChexSystems website. You will most likely need to provide your name, addresses for the last five years, social security number, drivers license or state identification card and possibly date of being declined for a checking account, and financial institution.

Order copy of your ChexSystems report and review it

If the information on the ChexSystems report is not an accurate representation of the facts use the following information to resolve a dispute.

Follow up letter:

Inform ChexSystems that you have reviewed your report and disagree with a negative listing (if you dispute it). Ask ChexSystems to verify the information on the ChexSystems report. You might also ask for copies of any documentation ChexSystems has regarding the disputed listing.

It is possible that bringing an incorrectly listed item to their attention may be all that is needed. This could be your only letter you need to get the deletion from ChexSystems you requested.

Include on every letter to ChexSystems:

Your name (printed not signed)
Your Current Address
Your Social Security Number
Your Consumer ID number (listed on the ChexSystems report)
Your bank’s name


Get Removed From ChexSystems

Our simple process can get you removed within 30 days!

This is a self help book that teaches consumers how to contact ChexSystems and their Financial Institutions to resolve derogatory checking and/or savings account information so they can re-open a new bank account without being denied. ChexSystems is a consumer Credit Reporting Agency that banks use to determine the potential risk of new applicants.


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