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Bad Credit Info – Understand Credit Reports

If you are experiencing or have experienced any of the following you may be considered to have bad credit: * Auto Repossession* Delinquent Credit Cards* Law Suits – Judgments* Collection Accounts* Foreclosure* Unpaid medical bills* Liens* Late Payments on Mortgage

What is Bad Credit Score?

Fix bad credit or watch your cash fly out the window!
Fix bad credit score or watch your cash fly out the window!

Bad credit is one or more negative listings on your credit report. Having a low credit score may also be referred to as bad credit report. Bad credit score may result from late payments, high balances, insufficient credit history on your personal credit profile. Credit score can be adversely affected by poor performance on your credit obligations, incorrect information, credit fraud or identity theft.

Bad credit can cause you to be denied for credit or qualifying only if you pay higher interest on financing automobiles, credit cards, personal and home loans. Bad negative credit score can even cause you to be denied the ability to get a job open a checking account. Get informed about your credit report and find out how to fix bad credit score.

Raising your credit score before a major purchase or refinance can save you money!


About Bad Credit

Bad credit is not forever! Bad credit can be improved and repaired.  Most credit listings lose status after five years (late payments for example) and will completely disappear after seven years! Many lenders will remove recent late payment listings with good cause (new address, returned mail, etc…)  Always keep copies of bills you’ve paid and record dates of payment.  If you notice a late payment on your credit report that shouldn’t be there contact your lender, ask them to remove the listing or give you a written reason why they feel it should remain.  You can then dispute the listing if you don’t agree.  Many lenders respect people that follow through!

Bankruptcy and Legal Issues like Liens and Judgments stay on your credit report for ten years. It is your responsibility to make sure listings concerning those issues are accurate. 

How Do I Fix Bad Credit?

If you feel a listing is not correct you can either address a letter to the credit bureau or the lender.  Many people prefer to use a credit repair kits or services to correct incorrect listings on their credit reports. I suggest you check out  Click Here to Learn More About Credit Repair   The systems they use can simplify credit repair for the novice and may even cause a more favorable looking report.  You may have credit listing that are incorrect or don’t belong to you!  A change in circumstance like a divorce or loss of a long term job can cause the most responsible of people too get behind on their bills. Bad credit does not mean you’re a bad person!  Get informed. The information provided by this site can make a difference!  Research and learn about bad credit.



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